Dental Emergencies:

If you are a patient of record and have a dental emergency after normal office hours, please call (304) 539-2871 for assistance.

Pain Management:

To manage mild to moderate pain, you may take 800mg of Motrin (ibuprofen) and follow it with 2 Extra Strength Tylenol if necessary.

Avulsed Teeth:

If you or your child have an accident and a tooth is avulsed (completely displaced from the socket), it is important to immediately place the tooth in a glass of milk and call our emergency number or the office as soon as possible. The tooth has a better chance of survival if it is replanted into the socket quickly.

Care After Extractions:

After an extraction, it is important to avoid rinsing your mouth for the first 24 hours, and then to rinse gently with warm salt water afterwards.


If you experience swelling, you can apply an ice bag or crushed ice wrapped in a towel to the area for 20 minutes on and 10 minutes off for 2-3 hours.


It is best to stick to a light diet for the first 24 hours after an extraction.

Bony Edges:

If you notice any small, sharp bone fragments that work their way up through the gums during the healing process, don’t worry – these are not roots and will often work themselves out. However, if they become a problem, you can return to the office for simple removal.

Unusual Symptoms:

If you experience any unusual symptoms, don’t hesitate to call the office at (304) 400-4835. Proper care following oral surgical procedures will help to speed up your recovery and prevent complications.

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